We are Part 61 school and we may train a foreign national if that alien is a legal permanent resident, a refugee in asylum status with appropriate DHS documentation, or the alien who are already in the USA with valid American VISA. The foreign learners must complete the AFSP / TSA screening before they can take flying lessons in the US.









For B1B2 visa holders, must be studying for recreational or avocational purposes, not for academic credit. The training should be less than 18 hours per week. 


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Part 61 For International Learners

Part 141- M1 VISA Availablity


For alien candidates who want to come to the United States for flight training, we can assist you to obtain a visa from our partner Part 141 flight school. We work with California Flight Academy training 141 students. In many cases, we already have procedures in place to help a candidate obtain his or her M-1 visa (presently for Chinese students). We provide the most affordable training programs in the area. 

"49 U.S.C.44939 and 49 CFR Part 1552 prohibit a U.S. flight school from providing flight training to an alien unless the alien has submitted certain information to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and TSA has determined that the alien does not pose a threat to aviation or national security. The mission of the Alien Flight Student Program is to ensure that Non-U.S. Citizen candidates seeking training at flight schools regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) do not pose a threat to aviation or national security" (Alien Flight Student Program).