Membership in our flying club is affordable! There is no initiation fee and there are no monthly dues to pay.  If you are a certificated pilot and you want to fly our planes, you merely need to   check out with one of our flight instructors and complete the ground review checklist for the type of flying you want to do, just as you would in any other flying club.  We then ask that you provide us with a copy of your pilot certificate, medical, most recent flight review, and a means of payment.


For a couple hundred dollars a year, NAC strongly recommends that you, the renter purchase Renters Insurance which will cover with any airplane that you rent from any club or rental organization. Too often this is overlooked and the pilot can be responsible for these unexpected expenses. 



           Ground Review Checklist 

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Introductory Flight

We will be happy to provide first-time flyers with a discounted introductory flight! This flight will start with a short ground school lesson which will familiarize you and your friends with the airplane and San Diego airspace. We will then do a preflight inspection together and go up and see San Diego from the air.  These flights have been known to change peoples lives!

Details: Pre-flight check, Instructor-guided engine start, taxi and flight, post-flight



Flight Route: San Diego bay area

Flight Length: 30mins - 60mins

Plan to be with us: About 1 hour

Passengers: Maximum three

Optional: Pilot’s Logbook

Hourly Rate Introductory Flight: $105 (airplane rental) + $60 (instruction)

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